Why Dental Care is Crucial for Your Wellness?

Taking proper care of your teeth, mouth, and gums is a fitness goal in itself. Sound oral or dental hygiene can help in averting bad breath or halitosis, gum diseases, and tooth decay. As a bonus, you can keep your teeth in a good state for a long time. New research states that unhealthy gum and mouth diseases lead to serious health issues. These include diabetes, stroke, preterm labor and heart attack.  Awareness of these diseases can inspire you in taking your dental care McLean seriously. Good dental hygiene is paramount to protect your overall well-being.

Numerous medical conditions give off oral symptoms and signs. Your mouth works as a window of what is going inside your body. Systemic disease symptoms will be first appearing as mouth lesions or other oral problems. These lesions will be affecting the whole body, and about 85 percent of all systemic diseases produce oral symptoms and signs.

Crooked or missing teeth will make it difficult for you to chew food properly. Proper food digestion begins with proper chewing. Not due to the taste, we consume food but due to the presence of the nutrients that provides our body to function properly. Efficient absorption of nutrients begins with chewing properly too. When you are chewing properly, saliva is discharged by the body on the mouth and other digestive enzymes in the stomach. Saliva is not just some liquid; rather, it is one of the body’s main shields to protect against disease-causing organisms. Saliva contains antibodies that help in guarding your body against HIV and the common cold. These digestive enzymes help to break down the food into nutrients required by the body. If food is not digested properly then constipation, heartburn or indigestion can occur.

Along with the gum, line plaque starts building up if flossing and brushing are not done regularly for keeping your dental health clean. Build-up plaque creates extra bacteria that gather in the space between your teeth and gums. This leads to acute gum infection like gingivitis to a more serious gum infection known as periodontitis and the extreme state commonly known as trench mouth. These are serious infections in our body.

The long-term infection leads to the natural loss of teeth. Research states that there is a relation between cardiovascular disease and gum infections, poorly controlled diabetes and other respiratory problems. Oral inflammation also plays a crucial role in blood clots and clogged arteries. Scientists have detected that bacterium in the mouth causes inflammation of the arteries throughout your body and this inflammation leads to plaques in the arteries. Eventually, these plaques increase the risks of stroke or heart attack. People having diabetes are always at risk of developing gum disease. Moreover, having chronic gum disease will make diabetes much harder to control as well. Such gum infections cause insulin resistance and disturb blood sugar control.

Preventive and routine dental care McLean plays a very important role in maintaining oral health and also your overall health. Here are some tips to follow so that your gums and teeth and thereby your body and mind will be staying healthy.

Brush two times on a regular basis – Brush the inside, outside, and chewing part of your teeth for two minutes in the morning and evening will help in clearing out the food particles lodged in your teeth. This will prevent dental cavities and ultimately, there will be no infections.

Flossing regularly – Brushing helps in removing most food parts stuck within the teeth. However, flossing ensures that the contact portion between the two teeth also remains clean. This daily practice will keep your gums in a healthy state.

Drinking plenty of water – Keep your mouth hydrated when taking medication or when you are having low saliva production will help in washing away germs in the mouth. After each meal rinsing your mouth will also help a lot.

After every six months conducting routine dental check-ups – Going to the dentist two times annually for preventive care is very important for oral health. The check-ups will help in identifying warning signs or early ones that trouble is brewing inside the mouth. This type of check-up will help in fixing dental issues before the problems start flaring up or become worse.

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