Which is the Best Ice Therapy Machine in 2020, and Why?

If you wish to purchase the best ice therapy machine in 2019, then opt for IsoComforter devices.

Yes, in 2019, you can’t get a better ice therapy machine than the ones available from IsoComforter. These machines are above the rest in their categories in terms of technology, safety features, and ease of use.

Technology and Safety Features –

IsoComforter ice therapy machines are designed using patented Iso tube technology. Utilizing this technology enables the machines to deliver ice therapy to the users in the most efficient and safe manner.

• Patients use ice therapy to heal their pain post orthopedic surgeries or injuries. So, the delivery of ice therapy needs to be safe for patients. The moisture from the ice therapy device cannot enter the surgical wound. Otherwise the post-surgical infection risk can increase for the patients.

There is no such risk when you use IsoComforter ice therapy machines. No condensation forms when the machine is in use. There is also no risk of water dripping from the healing pads onto the surgical incisions or open injury wounds.

• IsoComforter machines come equipped with healing pads with a ridge design. The gaps due to the ridges help keep the skin safe from any injuries from freezing temperatures.

• IsoComforter healing pads also come in sterile and non-sterile variations. The sterile pads are ideal to use over surgical incisions. You can use non-sterile healing pads to use over injuries and to use the massager for muscle knots.

Ease of Use

It is important that the ice therapy machine is easy to use. Otherwise, its use can become an inconvenience for the patients or their caretakers. It is crucial for patients to not skip their ice therapy sessions to reap the remedy’s full benefits. Consistent use is only possible if the machine delivering ice therapy is easy to operate and use.

Patients need to administer ice therapy multiple times a day depending on their healing requirements. Each of these sessions can be around 15-20 minutes. So, it is extremely important that the delivery medium of ice therapy is convenient to use for the patients.

• IsoComforter machines come equipped with self-priming pumps. So, you need to simply switch on the machine to start the water’s flow from the tank to the healing pad. Patients can sit and wrap the healing pads around their affected area after filling the tank with ice and water. There are no switched to fiddle with or put any efforts towards making the pump work. The components of the IsoComforter machines work seamlessly together to deliver ice therapy to the patient without any inconvenience.

• You don’t require refilling the tanks in the IsoComforter machines very often. You can actually sleep through your healing sessions while the machine delivers ice therapy to your affected area.

Other Useful Features

IsoComforter machines are designed with efficiency, safety, and comfort in mind. So, these machines come equipped with other useful features as well.

• IsoComforter healing pads offer ice therapy from all around instead of just one side. So, the healing is more efficient and effective when you use an IsoComforter ice therapy machine. For instance, if you use an IsoComforter healing pad on the knee; expect freezing temperatures to seep deep inside the joint from all sides; at the same time. It will not only save your time but will ensure even healing all around the knee joint.

• IsoComforter healing pads are also available for specific body parts such as the knees, shoulders, and the back. You can purchase a specific healing pad or one offering multipurpose use depending on your requirements.

• IsoComforter healing pads are portable units. You can use it anywhere in the house. You can carry it with you while traveling or commuting in your car. Your healing need not interrupt just because you are on the move. IsoComforter machines come equipped with adapters to use for the portability of the machines. These machines are also lightweight. So, you won’t find it inconvenient to carry your unit from one place to another.

Whether you need ice therapy for speedy recovery post surgeries or injuries, or to simply heal your tired muscles; you can’t go wrong with IsoComforter devices.

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