What to Expect from the Dentures Treatment Procedure?

Dentures are an amazing solution for many people and help you to talk, eat and enjoy your lifestyle more confidently. While your treatment plan will vary, here we have compiled a few pieces of advice and tips that you will be expecting with dentures.

First Appointment and Fitting

The first step is to fill a patient history form. Share oral and medical health details and a list of over the counter and prescribed medications you are taking and their amounts. Your mouth impressions will be taken for creating permanent dentures. Extractions and any other dental preparations will be performed during this time.

Shifting to Dentures may feel like an unexpected, big step

Regarding your treatment, your dentist will be addressing any concerns or fears you are having, no matter how small or big. It may take some time to get used with the dentures Springfield; patients enjoy the benefits dentures have to offer.

Relining and Repairing in the Same Day

Patients who are already wearing dentures, adjustments and repairs can be done in a single appointment.

Dentures Treatment Procedure

Generally, there are two types of dentures – full and partial. Based on the severity of your condition, the dentist will be recommending whether to opt for a full denture or a partial one.

 In a full denture procedure, an acrylic base will be fitted over the gums. The upper portion of the denture will be covering the portion of your palate and the lower base will resemble the shape of a horseshoe that will ease in accommodating the tongue. This technique is a conventional one that will be put in the mouth after the remaining teeth have been taken out and the tissues have been healed. The healing process can take a few months. During this period, the patient has to stay without the teeth.

For an immediate full denture procedure, when all the additional teeth have been removed successfully then the denture will be put in the mouth. After few months dentures may require to replace the lining when the bone holds up the shape and the structure of the teeth heals that cause the dentures to loosen and fall.  

In the case of partial dental procedure, dentures will be resting on the metal framework. The framework is joined to the natural teeth. The dentist will be inserting the crowns on top of the natural teeth for serving the purpose of anchors.

After Treatment Guidelines

After completion of your denture treatment, immediately you should take adequate care of both your inserted dentures for preventing any infection as well as existing natural teeth. Remember to brush your teeth two times a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. You should also clean the roof of the mouth, gums and the tongue. Clean your denture by soaking it in water for removing any food particles. Do not scrub the dentures too hard and use a fizzy cleaner for removing any sort of harsh stains.

While cleaning the dentures, avoid using bleach as your denture will be heavily damaged. During night time, when you will be taking out the dentures, put them in a vessel containing water to soak them properly. Actions such as sneezing and coughing will be dislodging the dentures from their position due to the creation of high air pressure.

The time duration for Dentures Springfield to Recover

After the denture procedure is completed, the patient will take anywhere between some weeks to a few months for proper adjustment with the denture inserted in the mouth.

Getting Used to Your New Set of Dentures

It is quite natural that making the transition to dentures will be taking some time, so no need to panic as you will be getting the desired results after a few weeks. With adjustments at regular intervals, proper care and time, your dentures will be feeling more natural. Your dentist’s lab assistant will be helping you to determine the denture products that are best for you and will guide you on how to take proper care for your mouth and dentures at home. After a few weeks you need to visit again so that your dentist will review how the permanent dentures are working.

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