Percussion Massager: Everything To Know Before Buying

A percussion massager is an extremely beneficial tool for relieving mild to severe muscle pain. Tired muscles can turn into painful knots without any treatment, such as a massage. In fact, regular massages can help you easily keep muscle knots at bay. One convenient way to get regular and powerful massages is to use a percussion massager.

Percussion Massager – What is It?

A percussion massager is a self-massage tool that can even help to ease deep tissue pain quite remarkably. It helps to apply concentrated and deep pressure into the muscle knots, providing quick pain relief. The device comes equipped with a rattle-like rounded stick that presses into the muscles, providing relief from pain.

Percussive massages, using a handheld device, help to stimulate blood flow to the painful muscles and help with the user’s speedy recovery. It can also help to enhance flexibility by keeping the muscles supple and help people regain a range of motions in their joints.

With the right percussion massager, you can enhance your well-being by keeping the pain away from your muscles. Using a percussion massager can be extremely beneficial for those who regularly workout or play sports. It can be useful for those in professions requiring long hours of working at the desk or bent on machines. General fatigue can also cause sore muscles. But a quick session with a percussion massager can be helpful for pain relief.

Buying a Percussion Massager

The Quality

Buying your own percussion massager is an investment into your health and well-being. In fact, your whole family can use it to keep their muscle pain away. So, it is important to buy a quality device.

The percussion heads must be powerful and strong enough to loosen up large muscle knots. The body of the massager must be made with quality materials. The device should also be easy to hold while you use it anywhere on your body – be it your shoulders, back, or the back of your neck.

The Speed Settings

The ideal percussion massager comes with multiple settings for your ideal massage. You may not always need a very powerful massage but still, want one to relieve mild pain in your muscles. You will need a really strong and deep massage to recover from severe muscle pain.

So, it is better to buy a massager with different speed settings. High speed of 3300 rpm is ideal if you want a really effective deep tissue massage using a percussion massager. High-speed settings will produce some amount of noise, which is perfectly normal.

The Portable Case

With your very own massager, you don’t need to restrict its use to your home. If you buy a percussion massager with a nice portable case, you can carry it with you on your business trips or vacations.

Before buying the massager, check if it comes with a strong portable case. The case must also be lightweight for your convenience. Check if the case comes with foam sections to protect the components of the massager.

The Money-Back Guarantee

You should feel wary of buying a massager that doesn’t come with any money-back guarantee. Reputable brands will offer a money-back guarantee with a limited period to help the buyers feel confident with their buying decision.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is nice to have when you are investing in a device to use for the long-term. It will help you to test the device with each of its settings without worrying about your hard-earned money going down the drain. You will be able to experience pain relief within these 30 days to know for sure if the massager is right for you. You will also be able to test its efficacy for different muscle groups.

The Warranty

Pay attention to the massager’s warranty period as well before buying it. A full warranty for one year is nice to have when it comes to devices you might need to use on a regular basis.

The benefit of a warranty will also help you use the massager without any worries when you are getting the hang of using it at various settings.

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