How Can I Choose the Right Cord Blood Bank Company?

Finding a reliable cord blood bank companies is crucial. If the cord blood bank doesn’t have standard handling, shipping, or storage facility, you may not use cord blood when you need it. The cord blood bank companies financial stability is also essential where your baby’s cord blood stored for the long term isn’t getting affected.

All cord blood bank companies must pass under FDA inspection and guidelines. All doctors and other medical professionals conducting clinical trials require cord blood to follow the guidelines before using it for medical therapy. Because if one day you need the cord blood for your child, you are confident of using the excellent quality cord blood that was stored properly.

How to begin searching for the right cord blood bank?

It is good to search for a useful cord blood bank early as there is a lot to consider when choosing cord blood bank companies. If you are in your second trimester or third trimester, you cord your baby’s cord blood.

Check the company’s review, services, and options. Also, see if the doctor knows about your decision and know how to collect cord blood. Ask about the company’s review from friends and family as well as your healthcare provider.

Below are a few specific questions you may ask while choosing the right cord blood companies.

Do the companies meet federal, state requirements?

As we discussed earlier, all cord blood banks must follow the guidelines of the FDA. They must comply with these federal regulations or be shut down. You may also visit the US Regulation page of The Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation for details about specific states and select a cord blood bank that has passed a standard specific to cord blood laboratory processing.

Does The Bank Provide Shipping with temperature stability?

According to the Parent’s Guide specification, the bank ensures that the cord blood is kept under a steady temperature in the laboratory. Shipping the cord blood is the first essential step to keep your baby’s cord blood safe. Due to the exposed weather, the cell may die. Therefore, check if the shipment of cord blood is taken with proper care. You may ask the bank if they are considering the temperature stability during courier service.

Does The Bank Process Cord Blood Within 48hours?

If the bank headquarters is outside the state’s limit, you may check if they are processing cord blood within 48hrs on time between birth and processing the cord blood for storage. There isn’t a difficulty meeting the 48hrs requirement unless severe weather; it is still an important criterion to verify.

Do the cord blood companies have experience?

Ask the companies about their customer interaction using cord blood for transplant and other therapies. An excellent and reputed cord blood company will have experience releasing cord blood for transplants and participating in experimental treatments. These indications are enough to confirm that the blood is being stored carefully enough for the stem cells. Beware of the companies with lots of cord blood units hasn’t been used for transplant or other medical purposes.

Is the Cord Blood Company Financially Stable and Profitable?

Cord blood banking is a business, and business can go bankrupt. Fortunately, if a cord blood bank goes out of business, you’re not likely to lose your child’s cord blood; however, it will move from one lab to another. Although it is difficult to assess a company’s long-term financial future, check with the bank if they have an insurance plan or partnerships with other companies to cover inventory in a natural disaster or business failure. Also, look at its experience, stability, affiliation with a hospital or research institution, etc. Check if the company gets bankrupted and maintain your baby’s cord blood in the waning days.

More Resources

Find more about the company’s potential lifesaving quality, its overview of cord blood banking, why many parents have decided to use the company to store their child’s cord blood. Also, see the reviews from other parents, the donation process, and many more. To learn more about what other parents say about the cord blood banking company, visit the community section’s cord blood banking group.

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