Get the Perfect Lip Size & Shape Using Lip Filler Treatment

Since time immemorial, lips, along with eyes, have been regarded as the beauty-defining regions of a woman’s and a man’s face. Consequently, they have also been subject to esthetic enhancement treatments. Various fillers, both temporary and permanent in nature, have been used to shape the lips, with gratifying results. With an experienced esthetician and the right filler, you too can get natural-looking full lips. Here is all you should know to get the perfectly luscious lips of your dreams, with lip filler Salt Lake City.

The Filler Should Be Just Right

Lip fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid. It is found naturally throughout our body, which makes it harmless and drastically reduces the chances of inflammation after its injection and subsequent absorption in the lip tissue. Essentially, hyaluronic acid makes your lips look naturally plump and fuller while lidocaine, another component of lip fillers, helps ease any discomfort you may feel during the procedure.

However, simply because all fillers use hyaluronic acid as an important component does not mean that all fillers give the same results. Fillers are customizable. While some fillers provide a longer-lasting, thick volume, others erase vertical lip lines, and some others add a subtle, soft volume. While this points to the appreciable variety in lip fillers, it also points to the fact that the right filler for you is one that suits your need for volume. Furthermore, whether you need to erase wrinkles or change the shape of your lips also dictates the right lip filler for you.

Placement is Key

While you must know that lip fillers are injected using a small needle, you may not know that it is not restricted to a single injection. Small volumes of filler are injected around your lips to enhance their natural shape. The placement of these small volumes is key in achieving that much-desired natural look.

If the filler is placed too low on your top lip, it can appear saggy and droopy. Conversely, if the filler is placed too high, it can overshoot your natural lip line, making it obvious to all that you have injected a lip filler.

You can ensure the perfect placement of the filler by consulting with an experienced, well-trained, and reputed esthetician. Professionals can judiciously choose the right areas to enhance and uplift your mouth’s natural shape. A great way for you to help them in this process is by providing pictures of your younger self when you had optimal lip volume. This will help them see exactly how full your lips were before.

Enhance the Natural Shape of Your Lips

Lip fillers in Salt Lake City can help enhance the natural shape of your lips. With age, the corners of the mouth begin to turn downward, like that of a frown. A small volume of lip filler on the edges of your mouth can help them turn upward. Furthermore, if you feel that your cupid’s bow (the lip shape where the upper lip comes to two distinct points toward the center of the mouth) is not very prominent, injections of lip fillers directed right in the center of your lips could make it stand out more.

It is important to note that there is a limit to how much lip fillers can change the shape of your lips. It is always recommended that you carry a picture of your goal lips at your visit to the esthetician. This will help your aesthetician ascertain the course of treatment for you and they can then create a plan to achieve your goal lip shape with you.

In summation, lip augmentation with lip fillers in Salt Lake City can help you enhance the natural shape of your lips, giving you naturally fuller lips, provided you consult with experienced, trained, and reputed clinicians.

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