Cold Therapy Unit – How it Help Patients to Recover Faster from Surgery?

Cold therapy is a holistic remedy to heal orthopedic pain. When it is administered using a cold therapy unit, it can show the best results for healing all kinds of orthopedic trauma including post-surgical pain.

Cold Therapy Unit – What is It?

A cold therapy unit is a device to deliver cold therapy (ice therapy). It consists of components such as a pump, a tank, a healing pad, and more. You need to fill the tank with ice and water. Then you need to wrap the healing pad around the affected area. When you switch on the machine, the water will begin to flow from the tank to the healing pad.

You can use sterilized healing pads for post-surgical recovery. For recovery from knee or shoulder surgeries, you can use shoulder wrap for pain or knee pad for pain those can offer cold therapy from all sides instead of just one. Such healing pads are available from IsoComforter; a company that makes quality cold therapy units.

Cold therapy is the application of freezing temperatures over surgical wounds or injuries. Its delivery needs to be perfect for it to show the best results. Only a cold therapy unit can offer such an ideal way to deliver cold therapy. Rudimentary ice packs just don’t make the cut.

Ice packs are uneven and dripping bags; leading to puddles and unsafe delivery of cold temperatures. Any moisture over incisions increases the patients’ risk of contracting post-operative infections.

Cold Therapy Unit – How it Aids Patients’ Speedy Recovery?

Orthopedic surgeries require a good rehabilitation program for their complete recovery. Cold therapy is often included in the recovery program of patients after their surgeries. Its consistent application helps patients to experience faster pain relief; aiding their recovery. When delivered via quality machines; cold therapy can work wonders for patients’ post-surgical recovery.

Examples –

• Patients recovering from shoulder or knee replacement surgeries require extensive physical therapy. But they cannot begin it before experiencing relief from severe post-surgical pain. Cold therapy machine helps reduce pain faster. Lessening of the pain helps the patients to regain a range of motions in their affected joint and commence their physical therapy without any delay.

When delivered via a cold therapy unit, the freezing temperature reaches deep inside the muscles. Such optimal delivery is essential for cold therapy to show excellent results. If you use ice packs, the delivery of cold temperature is not efficient. The uneven shape of ice packs is not ideal for cold therapy. The cold temperature will not penetrate deep inside the tissues when you use an ice pack. You can instead use machines from IsoComforter that utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to design its cold therapy units. It helps in the most efficient and safe delivery of cold therapy. IsoComforter healing pads contain ridges for optimal skin contact. So, there is no risk of burn injuries from applying freezing temperatures on the skin.

• Use of a cold therapy unit and the best self massage tool helps patients administer the remedy without breaks. Its ease of use helps patients continue with their cold therapy sessions for as long as they need it. Cold therapy requires a consistent application to show effective results. Patients can use a cold therapy unit at home. They need not to stay in the hospital or visit a clinic every day for their cold therapy sessions. It is also easy to use a cold therapy unit, which again helps with its consistent use.

Efficient delivery of cold therapy via machines helps patients recover without requiring excessive intake of pain-relieving pills. Use of cold therapy units helps patients recover faster from post-surgical pain with the help of a natural remedy.

Cold therapy is helpful for patients’ recovery post hip, shoulder, back, or knee surgeries. You can continue to use it for as long as you need without fear of side effects.

You will need to administer cold therapy as per the recommendations of your doctor. Ideally, you will need to use it 2-3 times a day for a few days post your surgery. One healing session needs to be of 15-20 minutes in duration. Once patients begin to experience pain relief, they can use it once or twice a day; or as needed.

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