Benefits of a Lean Body

Lean Body Mass is the new buzzword among health enthusiasts. Even doctors suggest maintaining a healthy lean body mass to prevent many health problems. What is this lean body mass? What makes it so important? What are the benefits of a lean body? As we move on in this post, we will understand all these concepts in detail.

What is lean body mass and how you measure it?

Lean body mass is the mass of the body other than fat. Your skeleton, bones, internal organs, and tissues, along with muscles comprise the lean body mass. Most of us may be aware of body weight, but not many know about our lean body mass. Here’s where doctors and advances in medicine help us. Systems such as the Modere Lean Body System help us in identifying our lean body mass. The way of measuring lean body mass includes measuring the resistance of our body. This is because fat is a non-conductor of electricity while the lean body mass is. Thus, through impedance testing, one can gain an idea of how much lean body mass is present in them.

Benefits of lean body mass:

A healthy lean body mass helps us in many ways.

Prevents obesity:

Studies at Modere Lean Body System show that people with good lean body mass are more capable of keeping obesity at a bay. Obesity is the main contributor to heart diseases, infertility, hormonal imbalances, depression, and many other diseases. Chronic inflammation, fatty-liver is also related to obesity. A good lean body mass thus prevents obesity, indirectly keeping all these life-threatening diseases at a bay.

Helps to recover from diseases faster:

A good lean body mass is an indicator of the body’s strength to fight back diseases. In simple terms, lean body mass indicates the healthy amount of protein in our body. The role of protein in keeping infections away and imparting immunity is widely recognized. Thus, people with lean bodies can cope up with diseases effectively and spring back to health swiftly compared to others.

Prevents injuries:

As humans age, the amount of muscle comes down. This increases the risk of injury due to falls or accidents. Sometimes, the injuries can be so irreversible that people who fall cannot be able to recover and walk again. With a good lean body mass, the risk of injuries can come down. Even if injuries happen, the rate of recovery becomes faster.

Contributes to strong and healthy bones:

It was observed in various medical studies that lean body mass contributes to stronger and healthier bones. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis that is more common as women age. Additionally, the risk of broken bones and fractures decreases with a lean body. A primary factor behind this is taking care of lean body mass means strengthening the bones and skeleton from within. Thus, care towards your lean body mass indicates a healthy bone system. Thus, people with good lean body mass enjoy fewer fractures and strong bones.

Protects against Type-2 diabetes:

Insulin resistance is one of the prime factors for type-2 diabetes. Studies reveal that people with a lean body are less prone to after-meal insulin spikes. The insulin spikes are another reason for diabetes and weight gain. Research at UCLA proves that people with lean bodies are able to prevent type-2 diabetes even though they have it as a genetic condition.

How to gain a lean body?

Gaining a lean body is thankfully easier for some people owing to their genetics. For others, it may be a little struggle but not impossible. A lean body is not all about lifting weights and working in the gym to build muscle. It is about caring for your body from deep within, strengthening each tissue and bone. Fortunately, health specialists can give you clarity on how much lean body mass you have. With their tests and systems, gaining knowledge about lean body mass is easier than before.

Once you seek their advice, you can follow the diet they suggest to you. In addition, they would chalk a fitness regime that answers your body’s needs and help build the lean body that you always dreamt of. Modere Lean Body System studies show that with prescribed dietary supplements and regular exercise lean body is just a little distant from everyone.

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